Girls as young as five years old are being bombarded by messages and labels that undermine their self-belief, crush their confidence, and make them feel as though sport is not a place for them, hearing and seeing messages on a daily basis which imply they are not as good as boys, and they don’t belong in sport. 

‘You tackle like a girl’ – is a phrase we want to make history, the future of rugby league has no gender, just future stars!

Our brand new RugBees programme is aiming to tackle these stereotypes and redefine what Rugby League means to girls. RugBees is our exciting new programme aimed at girls aged 7 to 11 which will offer a fun introduction to rugby league, developing skills and confidence in an environment designed to help young girls thrive. Weekly sessions will be delivered in partnership with our community clubs with no need for memberships just a small fee per session. 

The sessions are £2.50 and run for one hour, coached by elite coaches ready to build confidence and develop skills.

If you would like to involve your community club or players, please contact the foundation.