The programme itself focuses on engaging students in years 9-11 (both male and female) and helping them identify what is acceptable as behaviour towards each other, towards themselves and how to conduct themselves to enable self-respect.

 The programme is FREE, (fully funded by West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and Tracy Brabin Mayor of West Yorkshire) and takes one hour per week to fully complete over a period of 6 weeks. The classes are delivered by professional rugby league players as well as a well-established advocate in reducing violence in teenagers – he has worked with elite professional football clubs, professional rugby teams and has managed to reduce the amount of violence between youths in his campaign up and down the country over the last 12 years when working in areas that have shown a high volume of gang culture and violence against young women and girls. There is also an opportunity for students to have guest speakers such as West Yorkshire Police, spokesperson for the women’s protection unit in Calderdale and local third-party speakers.

 The programme is aimed to enable the students to understand what a good role model is, identify who they feel they are themselves and reflect on their choices, discover personal values allowing them to form a greater understanding of self-respect and respecting others, helping the students cultivate meaningful relationships with their peers and lastly be aware of the lasting impact violence against young women and girls can have on society and themselves.

The Halifax Panthers foundation are into the second cohort of running this project and the feedback from participants and schools that have taken part is 100% positive and affective in reducing violence in our secondary schools.